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Air Springs- Trucks & Trailers

We offer a High quality Super- Cushion Air Springs for Trucks & trailers to provide constant level hauling, and deliver long and trouble free service. Our Air Springs Offer a quite, cushioned ride because there less vibrations Trucks & trailers last Longer, high in productivity and long life than leaf springs.The driver rides in greater comfort, becomes less fatigued and stay alert. These Air springs designed stiff enough to carry the maximum load. When the truck is deadheading or is only partially loaded, leaf spring systems are too stiff to allow the deflection necessary to prevent vibration and shock from being transmitted from the wheel to the frame.

Air Suspension Benefits:

  • Reduces Cab and Body damage.
  • Reduce Axle, transmission and tire wear.
  • Reduces downtime. and many more .

Product Details:

Range: We have a wide range of Air Springs but generally used in our country that is readily available in our stock are:

  1. 1R 14 -705
  2. 1R 13 – 754
  3. 1R 11- 867
  4. 1R 11 – 841
  5. FD 330 – 35
  6. FD 200 – 19

J.M.D Enterprises

J.M.D Enterprises was established in the year 2013JMD Enterprises is a Delhi based Company. We are a Retail Trader and Importer of a wide range of Industrial Hoses, Air Spring and Power Transmission Belt.